jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

Sharing a story

Yesterday I was sitting at *bucks catching up with a buddy and I noticed these words on my cup. They sum up exactly why I am a photographer. It's my joy to be able to share stories. Have a great Xmas everyone.

martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Moto Show - Seattle

Two weeks ago I took the boys to the moto show. It was like going to the amusement park. Yes they loved the ATV and dirt bikes the most. Boys after their dad's hear. Haha, someday!

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Little Clara

I absolutely love shooting newborn sessions. Up until now I only shot my little guys but now as I shoot these for other, it is a true joy. Meet this little bundle of joy....

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